The Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) is a mutual aid agreement and partnership among states that exists because all states share a common enemy: the constant threat of disaster.

  • EMAC allows states to assist one another during emergencies.  EMAC offers a quick and easy way for states to send personnel and equipment to help disaster relief efforts in other states.  There are times when state and local resources are overwhelmed and federal assistance is inadequate or unavailable.  Out-of-state aid through EMAC helps fill such shortfalls.
  • EMAC establishes a firm legal foundation.  Requests for EMAC assistance are legally binding, contractual arrangements which make states that ask for help responsible for reimbursing all out-of-state costs and liable for out-of-state personnel.  States can rest assured that sending aid will not be a financial or legal burden for them.
  • EMAC provides fast and flexible assistance.  EMAC allows states to ask for whatever assistance they need for any emergency, from earthquakes to acts of terrorism.  On the other and, states are not forced to send any assistance unless they are able to.  EMAC's simple procedures also mean states can dispense with bureaucratic wrangling.
  • EMAC was approved by Congress in 1996 as Public Law 104-321.  The only requirement for joining is for a state's legislature to simply ratify the language of the compact.
  • Kansas became a signatory to the Compact in 2000.  We have sent assistance to Montana and Oklahoma and we have received assistance from Nebraska and Missouri.  Most recently, Kansas provided support to Colorado in support of the wildfires.
  • The Kansas EMAC Contacts are:
    • Major General Lee Tafanelli, The Adjutant General
    • Angee Morgan, Deputy Director for Kansas Emergency Management, a division of The Adjutant General's Department
    • Jonathan York, Response and Recovery Branch Director
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